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Day-Long Qualitative Methods Workshop for Mobilities & Transport Research Held
May 12, 2023

A day-long Qualitative Methods Workshop for Mobilities and Transport Research was held on 12 May 2023 at the Smart Classroom of the Department of URP (DURP), BUET. A total of 25 Ph.D. researchers, young academics, postgraduate students, and senior undergraduate students from different universities in Bangladesh attended the workshop. The participants were from the departments of URP, Geography, Sociology, Oceanography, Governance and Public Policy, Public Health, and Engineering. It was organized as part of the EQUIMOB: Inclusive Cities through Equitable Access to Urban Mobility project jointly conducted by the DURP, BUET; Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning (DHGSP), Utrecht University (UU), Netherlands; Manipal Academy for Higher Education, India and two other institutions. In the workshop, the first session on ‘Overview of research methods’ was conducted by Professor Dr. Ajay Bailey, Principal Investigator, EQUIMOB Project, and Professor, DHGSP, UU. The second session on ‘Photo voice, elicitation, and narratives’ was conducted by Ms. Seama Mowri, Ph.D. Candidate, DHGSP, UU. The third session on ‘Visual surveys’ was conducted by Dr. Selim Jahangir, Manipal Academy for Higher Education, India. Professor Dr. Bishwjit Mallick, DHGSP, UU conducted the forth session on ‘Collecting qualitative data using apps’. In the last session of the workshop participants did a hands-on exercise for ‘Putting methods into practice’ and finally shared their findings, which was followed by feedback from the resource persons.