The main objective of the BURP (Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning) programme is to equip students with the wide diversity of skills required for urban and regional planning. The basic concentration of the undergraduate programme covers the following fields:

In designing the courses for the undergraduate programme, current emphasis in development have been kept in mind. Sustainability of development is perhaps the most important concern today for planners and policy makers. It has, however, four important dimensions - economic, environmental, social and administrative. The courses have been designed in such a way that the planners acquire knowledge about these dimensions and are capable of applying methods and techniques so as to determine if development projects are economically and administratively viable, environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable.

It is expected that the planners graduating from this department would be able to meet the emerging needs of the people in the context of rapid urbanization and unprecedented levels of development activities in the country. The admission requirements for the BURP programme are as per the specified standard of the University admission. The students are admitted into the BURP programme following the undergraduate admission procedure of the university.