Dr. Mohammad Shakil Akther


Academic Qualifications:

  • Ph D - 2007 - University of Tokyo

    Masters of Science in Enviromental Engineering and Technology - 1998 - KTH, Stockholm

    Bachelor of Urban and Rural Planning - 1995 - Khulna University

Research Interests:

  • Urban Structure

    ICT and Urban Planning

    Urban Managment

    Disaster Managment

    Adaptation of Climate Change in Urban and Regional Planning

Journal publications:

    • Barua U, S Mannan, I Islam, S Akther, A Islam, T Akter, R Ahsan and MA Ansari (2020) People’s Awareness, Knowledge and Perception influencing Vulnerability of a Community: A Study on Ward No. 14, Mymensingh Municipality, Natural Hazard, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11069-020-04028-2

    • Hanif A, M R Hossain, BR Rushi, AT Rony, I Islam, and S Akther (2015)A Study on Development Pattern of Dhaka city: A case study of Ward – 45, Mohammadpur, Bangladesh in European Academic Research 3 (2), pp 1643-70

    • Kamal S and S Akther (2014) ‘Building Sustainable Communities through Innovative Forms of Community and Place Base Arrangement to Cope with Natural Disasters in Char Land’; Jahangirnagar University Planning Review 12 pp49-64, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka

    • Mahmud S, M E Huq, A Kar, R Mashraky, F Khatun, I Islam, and S Akther (2014) “Managing Development of Fringe Areas in Dhaka City: "Land Readjustment" as a Technique for Sustainable Future Development Ensuring Environmental and Social Justice’; International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, 6(2)DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7710/2168-0620.1020

    • Samad, RB and S Akther (2012), 'A Comparative Analysis Of Property Tax Assessment Methods' Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration, 9(3), pp. 35 -46, International Property Tax Institute, Toronto

    • Akther S, I Islam and M M Hassan (2009) ‘ Evaluation of Municipal Services in selected Wards of Dhaka City Corporation: Citizen’s Perspective’; S Coleska et al (eds) Theoretical and Empirical Researches on Urban Management, Special Issue: Urban Issues in Asia; pp 133-145, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

    • Akther S, T Onishi and T Kidokoro (2007) , “E-government in Developing Country: Citizen Centric Approach for Success” International Journal for Electronic governance Vol 1 No 1; pgs 38-51

    • Alam M and S Akther (1998), “An Application of Hazard Zonation and Mapping Disaster Prone Area: A Study of Khulkheni Watershed, Nepal” in Plan Plus Vol 1 No 1, Khulna

Contribution In Published Books:

    • Akther S and I Islam (2019) Ethics and Professionalism in Planning Practice: An Experience from Dhaka in Thakur et al (eds) Urban and Regional Planning and Development 20th Century Forms and 21st Century Transformations, Springer

    • Barua U, S Akther, and I Islam(2016) ‘Flood Risk Reduction Approaches in Dhaka, Bangladesh’ in Shaw et al (eds), Urban Disaster and Resilience in Asia, Elsevier

    • Islam I, S Akther, N Jahan and I Hossain (2015) ‘Climate Induced Displacement: An Empirical Study on Nature, Reason And Perception of The Migrant’ in Mallik et al (eds), Environment and Migration in Bangladesh, AHDPH, Dhaka

    • Ahmed F and S Akther (2014) ‘The Changing Face of Dhaka City Seen through the Eyes of Satellite’ in Dhaka Metropolitan Area and Its Planning: Problems, Issues and Policies , pp 33-38, Bangladesh Institute of Planners, Dhak

Conference and Seminar Proceedings:

    • Tabassum, N., Akhter, S., &. Jeme, M. R. (2019) “A Study on the Satisfaction Level of Women Public Bus Users in Dhaka, Bangladesh” 6th International Conference on Women’s Issues in Transportation (WIiT 2019), Transportation Research Board (TRB), Irvine,

    • Rahman M and S Akther (2019) "The First and Last Mile of Public Transportation: A Study of Access and Egress Travel Characteristics of Commuters Living in the Suburban Areas of Dhaka ", TRB Annual Conference 2019, Washington DC

    • Akhter, S., & Tabassum, N. (2017). Travel Behavior of Women Public Bus Users in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Transport and Mobilities: Meeting the Needs of Working Women, University of Leeds and University of Asia- Pacific, Dhaka

    • Ahmed T and S Akther, (2013)‘ Willingness to Pay for Retrofitting : A Study on Home Owners of Dhaka’ Bangladesh Development Initiative Conference, Barkley, USA

    • S Kayum, K N Jahan, S Akther, S Rokanuzzaman (2012) ‘Cyclone Wind Hazard Simulation in Coastal Regions of Bangladesh’ in International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    • Muntasir M, F Khatun, I Islam and S Akther (2011) ‘Impediments of Empowering Urban Informal Communities in Bangladesh: The Scenario of Jamdani weaving Community in Narayanganj District’ in APSA Congress 2011, Tokyo, Japan

    • Islam I and S Akther, (2010) ‘Disaster Risk Reduction: Role Of Academia And Planning Professionals’ in Workshop on Risk Resilient Infrastructure: Role of Education and Training , Dhaka

    • Akther S and B Alam, (2010) ‘GIS as a Method of Transit Planning: Lessons from Recent Literature’ in 51st ACSP Conference, Minneapolis

    • Bhowmik A K, S Islam and S Akther (2010) ‘Relocation of Hazaribag Tannery: Myth or Reality’, in 5th International Conference on Prevention, Rehabilation and Development of Brownfield Sites, Algrave

    • Jahan K N, S Akther, S Kayum, S Rokanuzzaman, M S B Kashem and K M. Maniruzzaman, (2010) ‘Cyclone Wind Hazard Assessment in Coastal Regions of Bangladesh’ in Regional Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response in a Rapidly Changing World , ADPC and BDPC, Dhaka

    • Bhowmik AK, S Akther and S Islam (2010), ‘Health Cost of Informality in Tannery Industry’ in Workshop on the State, Key Drivers and Scenarios of Urban Informality, Dhaka

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    • Islam S and S Akther (2006), City Structure Models and Location of Lower Income Settlement: The Context of Khulna’ Proceedings of International Symposium of Urban Planning, Taipei, Taiwan

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    • G Rahman and S Akther (1999), ‘Urban Governance and Private Shared responsibility in Solid Waste Management’ Proceedings of 20th National Seminar of Bangladesh Society for Advancement of Science

Membership of Professional and Other Bodies:

  • Fellow , Bangladesh Institute of Planners

    Member, Bangladesh Regional Science Association

    Member , City Planning Institute of Japan