Urban and Regional Planning Students’ Association of BUET (USAB)

Background and Prospects

Department of Urban and Regional Planning of BUET was established in 1962. Initially it started with postgraduate program and the undergraduate program was started in 1995. Till now 16 batches have graduated with Bachelor degree. This Department is like a family. Friendly attitude between teachers and students and affable mentality among the seniors and juniors is one of the radiant traits of this Department.

USAB added a new dimension to this Department which started showing its footprint officially on 28th January 2009. Guidance of the teachers, inspiration of the ex-students and team work and coordination of the students led USAB with lots of successful events. Some of the important events were the “Planning Week” and the publication of the “Nagar Shoilee”.


Executive Committee of USAB


Prof. Dr. Ishrat Islam
Tanjeeb Ahmed
Ahmad Mojtoba Riyadh
Vice President
S M Shihab Nur
General Secretary
Shahrin Mannan
Event Secretary
Tasnim Tarannum
Research and Publication Secretary
Tasnim Anika Majumder
Finance Secretary
Atika Jabin
Media Secretary
Tabassum Zaman Tonny
Cultural Secretary
Nezamul Islam
Sports Secretary
Md. Tanjilur Rahman
Asst. General Secretary
Paromita Nakshi
Asst. Event Secretary


USAB is a non-political Association. The key objective of this Association is to offer a platform to enhance the potentials of the general students. As per the constitution of USAB, the President is the Head of the Department of URP and teachers are in the advisory panel. This panel selects a teacher in the position of Moderator. The Executive Committee consists of President, Moderator and 10 students from the most senior two batches. The 10 students in the Executive Committee are selected from their respective batches. The new Executive Committee was formed for the session 2015-16, 2015. Like the previous two committees, the new one is also working for the betterment of the students. USAB is planning to organize Planning Week 2015 and publish ‘Nagar Shoilee’ (Volume 7) in November this year. USAB has now become an active association with the help of our teachers and ex-students. The general students are very grateful to them. The present committee intends to take USAB to a higher level.