Défi Bouygues Construction, one of the leading construction companies of France, arranged an international competition titled “Design the District of Tomorrow” which continued to take place from June, 2014 to November, 2014. A group named “Green Fusionists” formed by three students (Tasfia Tasnim, Tasnim Feroze, Poushali Bhattacharjee) of Level-3, Term-2 of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, BUET participated in this competition. They submitted a proposal that focused on smart growth pattern of visionary district. Initially from 175 teams (altogether 440 students and young graduates from 172 schools and 38 nationalities) 40 teams were selected and ‘Green Fusionists’ was one of them. In the second stage, the team submitted detailed features of their ‘Smart Green District’ and secured their place among a total of 24 teams.

Défi Bouygues Construction invited ‘Green Fusionists’ to join them in France to take part in the final round of the competition. The finale took place from 25 November, 2014 to 28 November, 2014 at Campus des Berges de Seine, France. By merging teams in pairs, the 24 teams were reduced to 12. ‘Green Fusionists’ was merged with a team of three French students from Ecole Centrale Paris University. They prepared a whole new project to present in front of the jury named ‘Smart Inside, Smart Outside’ focusing smart growth pattern outside in the district as well smart technical facilities inside the individual’s buildings. In the jury panel, along with professionals of the Company and experts from different fields, Mayor of Paris, France was present. The judges were very much satisfied with the innovative ideas the team offered and the quality of the project they presented. The team was awarded “Coup De Coeur” Award and they received €480 as prize money.