For any urban development policy the dynamics of urban informal settlements should be addressed properly. The social, economic and political dimensions of the problems associated with the informal settlements have huge impact on the entire urban system and quality of urban living as well. These were emphasized in the two day long BUET- TU Dortmund Joint students? workshop on ?Dynamics in Urban Informal Settlements? held at BUET. This workshop was jointly organized by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany. It was participated by the students of these two departments and facilitated by their faculties.

The workshop started on 5th March with a simple inaugural ceremony attended by Professor Dr. Sarwar Jahan, Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, BUET. Professor Jahan in his speech emphasized on the necessity of this kind of workshop that will help the planning students of both Bangladesh and Germany to understand the urban planning problems more profoundly. Professor Dr. Roxana Hafiz, Head, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, BUET and Professor Dr. Sabine Baumgart, Head, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, TU Dortmund also attended the occasion.

After the inauguration program of the workshop the German students gave a presentation on a slum of Dhaka City that they studied for more than one week. Later the BUET students made a presentation on one of their class project that focused on the on-site up gradation of the slums of Dhaka city. These presentations were followed by lively discussions among the students and faculties of both countries.

In the workshop students of BUET and TU-Dortmund were assigned with a problem of an informal settlement of Dhaka city. The students were distributed into ten groups attended by both BUET and TU Dortmund Students. They were asked to act as different stakeholders for the development process of an informal settlement. Through their role playing, students were inspired to realize the dynamics that may arise for implementing any development initiative in an urban informal settlement. Through lively discussions and debates the workshop came up with a solution for the assigned problem.

The workshop ended at the afternoon of 6th March followed by a cultural show of students from both countries. It was the first program as part of the collaboration between the Urban and Regional Planning Departments of BUET and TU Dortmund.